Triumph India is one of Asia's leading technical communications companies providing documentation services that encompass the spectrum of content creation, maintenance and publishing. As a pioneer in this field, our content solutions span the domains of software products and services, manufacturing and technology products and services.

Decision makers of organizations world-wide have found valuable information management strategies in our content solutions. Our customers rely on our complete suite of services in effective knowledge dissemination across system, people and processes. Our offices in India, China, and USA are led by a team of experienced and motivated people, who are well trained in the latest processes and tools.

Conformation to documentation standards, producing simple and effective technical knowledge and adherence to the schedules has been our forte. We offer services across the technical communication landscape by leveraging our domain and business expertise and through customer partnerships. For over a decade, we have partnered with Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, Hewlett Packard, IBM and several others to provide documentation services for their technical and marketing collateral.

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Triumph History

Triumph India is the brainchild of Usha Mohan, who was one of the pioneers in the growth of technical writing as a specialized outsourcing activity in India. Her commitment, guidance and direction have catapulted Triumph from humble beginnings to a strong team of over 200 technical communicators.

Triumph is one of the earliest documentation companies to set up a Quality Management System (QMS). Adherence to our tested quality and project management processes has helped us grow rapidly. We are compliant to International Standards: ISO 27001, ISO 18019 and ISO 26514. Usha currently represents India in the Working Group for Systems and User Documentation setup under the ISO- IEC/JCT1/SC7.
We constantly strive to nurture quality technical writers and in this pursuit our in-house training academy, Triumph India Learning Academy (TILA) has been instrumental in imparting technical communication programs to Triumph's employees and also to students.
Here are some milestones from our journey so far:


  • Education vertical set up
  • Engineering division set up


  • Presentation at 'Infovision – The knowledge Summit 2009' on Enterprise Content Management


  • Enterprise Solution Division (ESD) set up
  • Triumph India Learning Academy (TILA) inaugurated


  • DOC 2 inaugurated; DOC 2 is our Headquarters at Sanjay nagar, Bangalore
  • Presented at the STC India Annual meet held in Bangalore on Quality Framework for Documentation projects


  • DOC 1 inaugurated - Motorala Offshore Development Center (ODC) set up


  • IBM, Novell and Satyam – Our First customers!
Triumph India's solutions enable customers to realize the benefits of documentation outsourcing by effectively creating, managing, processing and repurposing business information in a structured way. Whether it is visually rich interactive manuals, user documentation, e-learning content, or marketing collaterals - our highly specialized technical communicators create user-centric documents that are outstanding in design, presentation and language. Trust us turn your business information into a knowledge asset.
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NCLT Update

Our application to NCLT under IBC, has been admitted on April 5th, 2018.

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Vision Mission


"To be a global leader in Information Lifecycle Management and provide value to our customers through our services."


In our engagements, we are guided by the following mission,

To offer innovative and reliable products and services world-wide.

To foster a learning environment that transforms individuals into effective leaders who deliver excellence consistently

Values : At Triumph, we are guided by a set of core values that define our identity. These core values influence every relationship that we build and nurture.
Professionalism : We strive to create knowledge and meet commitments in terms of quality, budget and time. In this pursuit, we constantly refine the application of qualities and competencies of knowledge, skills, and behavior.
Responsiveness : We take care of customers, employees, and other stakeholders with quick turnaround time. We add value to our engagements through our problem-solving skills and our bandwidth to identify the explicit and implicit requirements.
Ownership : We work in an open environment which nurtures a sense of ownership and empowers individuals to take responsibility for their assigned task. This enables our employees to deliver outstanding results consistently.
Fairness : We recognize, value, and respect the opinions of every individual. Along with professional growth and personal satisfaction, we support individuals to reach their truest potential.
Integrity : We promote honest and ethical conduct compliant to the business practices and the regulatory requirements. As part of our practices, protection of proprietary and confidential information is mandatory.
Teamwork : We collaborate effectively as a team, interact transparently and co-ordinate through mentoring to achieve organizational goals. We nurture creativity and innovation across the organization.
Social Consciousness : We believe in the principles of preservation and conservation in making a lasting impact to the community and society. In fact, we passionately believe in the power of education to change lives and support educational initiatives at the grassroot levels.


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