Dedicated Documentation Center

Dedicated Offshore Documentation Center (ODC) Model
This model offers an offsite documentation center for long-term content engagements. The operations are customer-driven and managed by Triumph. Based on your requirements, we identify the right resources, train them at our exclusive training facility, and invest in setting up the communication and security infrastructure to ensure a successful long-term engagement. With our project management experience and a wide range of tools expertise, we assure you that valuable training time is not lost in tools training but dedicated entirely to your project.
Companies looking to outsource documentation projects on a long-term basis need to examine the following considerations: proven track record, cost-effectiveness, business continuity, and information security.
Our track record is reflected by the satisfaction of our clients, who have chosen to partner with us over than the 7 years we have been in this business.
If you are seeking a long-term documentation association, look no further than one that has the record of consistently delivering on its commitments and is equipped with the infrastructure to protect your intellectual property and business processes. Look no further than Triumph India.


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"(The project) was a well coordinated effort of remote execution between our Hyderabad, Chennai offices and the Triumph team (Usha, Chandra and Pankaja) in Bangalore.".. more
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