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We understand that business requirements are different across companies. That's why we offer varied engagement models that cover a wide range of customer requirements. Our engagement models are designed to give you the flexibility to choose the manner in which you would like to partner with us.
We offer the following business engagement models:
Project-based Model : Often in critical projects with tight deadlines, it is not possible to focus on anything but the task at hand....read more
Dedicated Documentation Model : This model offers an offsite documentation center for long-term content engagements...read more
Consulting Services :....read more
Professional Services Model : Often, the scope of a project or the creative effort involved can be difficult to determine beforehand....read more


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"(The project) was a well coordinated effort of remote execution between our Hyderabad, Chennai offices and the Triumph team (Usha, Chandra and Pankaja) in Bangalore.".. more
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