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A content strategy that considers development and management of content as a mere activity is no longer sustainable and able to differentiate itself from competition. Enterprise content management is about understanding how people, technology, and content converge.
Content architecture and consulting services from Triumph India can help you successfully assess, plan and design an enterprise wide content strategy and architecture that supports your business goals. Using our expertise and proven methods, these services can provide a strategic road map and content design to effectively create, store, search, reuse, repurpose and manage content.
Our consulting engagement shall cover the following areas:
  • Define information needs by audience types
  • Understand content workflow and information lifecycle
  • Identify usage of tools, content management system usage and optimization
  • How to use the structure to Reuse and Repurpose
  • Content Strategy Road Map
Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the “as is” state of your content, we will define a content strategy road map. This road map will include a detailed list of the actions to be taken to address all content management gaps and ensure you have:
  • A comprehensive understanding of your company’s content
  • The right technology to store, organize, and access it
  • The governance and processes to manage and optimize it
By virtue of this engagement, you will be able to:
  • Streamline your content architecture
  • Baseline the processes for content creation, management, storage and retrieval on an ongoing basis
  • Improve the quality of service delivery by enabling staff with content as an when required and in the form they need
  • Reduce the total cost of content management within the enterprise by reducing rework and focusing on core business activities
  • Able to plan for current and future content needs of the organization
  • Facilitate knowledge centre creation and retention within the organization


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" (The project) was a well coordinated effort of remote execution between our Hyderabad, Chennai offices and the Triumph team (Usha, Chandra and Pankaja) in Bangalore. ".. more
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