" The first module is excellent and many of our team members have appreciated the concept and the look and feel. This is remarkably good as a first delivery.

Our CEO, COO and some senior management are impressed with film streaming the concept and I am sure such an approach would bring in the change to our thought process on learning and development which will encourage other departments to use your services as well.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
Abhijit Hardikar
" (The project) was a well coordinated effort of remote execution between our Hyderabad, Chennai offices and the Triumph team (Usha, Chandra and Pankaja) in Bangalore. "
Ramesh M
" It has been a wonderful experience to be at Triumph India Learning Academy. The training provided here is so awesome with loads of dedication and sincerity. Faculty is very supportive and passionate about teaching. TILA gave me an opportunity to learn different tools and hone my English skills. Thank you TILA. "
" It has been a great experience learning at TILA. The name TILA always brings to mind a commitment towards education and quality. I am really lucky to be a part of this family filled with knowledge and values. The faculty here is the most approachable people whom you can rely on at any time. They teach every concept with at most patience which really makes you get the confidence with the subject. I hardly have words to express my gratitude and love towards this academy. Just want to say TILA always rocks! Proud to be a student of TILA. "
" My experience was the best. Each and every one of my doubts was clarified on the spot, there was no delay in anything. It has been an immense learning experience. Triumph India Learning Academy offers good commitment, builds confidence and raises hope and spirit to new heights. It's my pleasure to express my gratitude and bow respectively to the service. "
" We are delighted with the quality of training conducted and the level of interaction facilitated by your team. Our learning from your sessions will go a long way in helping us achieve our business goals. Thank you! "
Process Lead-Technical Writing
AOL LLC, Bangalore
" Though we had a vague idea of our requirement for the training, your questions during initial discussions brought out the exact needs. The training brought awareness to the technical team about scripting proper documents. We hope that it will reduce the time spent in our reviews due to documentation and interpretation errors. "
Leena Kulkarni
" In-depth sessions on tools and techniques; application into projects; regular tests on the topics covered; approachable and friendly staff; guidance on aspects like interviews and client interaction – all these make the FCTW course I have taken at TILA, an excellent first step into the field of technical documentation. "
Leena Kulkarni
" It was really a wonderful experience to be a part of Triumph India Learning Academy for two complete months. The first month of training was completely dedicated to English Grammar. The next month of the training was dedicated to Technical Writing Techniques and Tools.
Frequent tests helped me to learn the subject well.
Thank you for the training! "
Kiran B C
" The training provided was excellent. The topics covered were very vast and deep. I learnt a lot about English grammar, MS-Word and RoboHelp. The course was challenging; with frequent tests I was able to improve myself further. The faculty was of great help. The friendly guidance given by the faculty was valuable. I thank everybody at Triumph for making the course interesting."
" Being a fresher, the experience received has been marvelous. Great faculty, interesting people and a well planned course helped me a lot. At the end of six weeks, I feel complete and ready to take on any challenge in the field of Technical Writing. Thanks to all of you at TILA "
" Triumph India Learning Academy captures the realities of the role of the Technical Communicator. It has done an excellent job of preparing me to be a good Technical Writer from a home maker with a background of both Technology and English. Professional and very friendly instructors have helped me boost my confidence level. Triumph India Learning Academy certificate has opened up wonderful opportunities for me in pursuing my career. "
Vasanti Dinesh Bhagwat
" I take this opportunity to inform you with great delight that the training provided by Triumph India has been beneficial and exceptional. I am very pleased to say that the faculties and infrastructure provided by Triumph India helped me to enhance my skill sets. The faculties were of immense help, not only with their elaborate and detailed sessions but also with some general but practical information regarding the training and the career to which we look forward. With up-to-date course materials adding to its perfection, the sessions were really worth it. The sessions were elaborate, covering the chapters in detail. The technical sessions were great. The course materials which you have provided were informative. Frequent tests have helped me to evaluate myself and improve in weaker areas. Seven days of lab facilities have helped me be better at resolving my test papers and assignments.
I thank you for all support. It has been a great learning experience at Triumph India. "
Rekha K N
" Foundation Course in Technical Writing from Triumph India Learning Academy will be a significant foundation for any trainee initiating a career in Technical writing. Thanks for the complete support offered and the honest feedback given by the trainers, which is required to build a career. "
Rekha K N
" The knowledge I acquired from TILA is very clear. Trainers here are supportive and approachable. This is the best training academy for those who want to build a career in Technical Writing. "
Rupali Nakhare
" The teaching imparted at TILA is good. The trainers are very approachable. The practical exposure I gained is good. The frequent tests helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge in Technical Writing. Overall, TILA is a nice environment to undergo the Foundation Course in Technical Writing for beginners. "
Leena Jacqueline
" I'm delighted with the quality of training provided and the level of interaction facilitated by the team. "
Punith Lokur


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"(The project) was a well coordinated effort of remote execution between our Hyderabad, Chennai offices and the Triumph team (Usha, Chandra and Pankaja) in Bangalore.".. more
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